Fun Paintball / Airsoft

You do not need to incur yourself to unnecessary danger for adrenaline packed activity.

garantirano najnižje cene fun turist bled

Using the right equipment paintball and airsoft are perfect for people who want to test their ability of fast decision making combined with tactics and team-work.

There are no age limits, men and women play, so everyone have the opportunity to discover a new part of themselves. The games are especially applicable for larger groups (more than six people) and represent combined sporting and entertaining part of the weekend, sporting day, concluding trip, team building for your company or an afternoon with your friends.

When to experience Fun Bike Trips?

  • JAN
  • FEB
  • MAR
  • APR
  • MAY
  • JUN
  • JUL
  • AUG
  • SEP
  • OCT
  • NOV
  • DEC

Have you missed the train? Don’t worry, se some other activities which you can visit any other time of the year.


“It was a blast – mainly because I won:) !”


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