“Canyoning was fantastic! We had loads of fun and it was an amazing way to see some of Slovenian nature. Afterwards we felt totaly invigorated & refreshed! Absolute hype!”

Ian & Babs

Great views, great guide, great fun! Thanks


“I will say right off the bat that zorbing is probably the most fun and funniest travel experience our family has ever shared.”

Devon family

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“It was my first time and definately not the last! The view, wind in your face, the rush.. Unforgettable!”


“Pure adrenalin rush! No other words to describe the…”


“Excellent ride, excellent guide definately recomend it to all our friends back in Jersey Channel Islands – don`t change a thing, it was perfect. Many thanks!”

Andy, Chris, Dave, Dan

“Awesome, awesome day!We fall in love in Slovenia and hope to come back!”

Pokler family

“Just a perfect day! Full of amazing scenery and adventures..Thank you guys, you have my recommendation!”


“Fun, wet, freedom – wonderful experience. Thanks for the ride in beautiful country!”

Davidson family

Funny, wet and wonderful experience! Thanks for the great ride in a beautiful nature.

Brown family

“This tour was absolutely fantastic! It was lovely to see the places which are hard to get to as an independent traveller. I didn’t stop uttering “wow” all morning.”


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Nathan family

“Got married yesterday, went rafting today – still trying to figure out which I enjoyed most! 😉 Great fun and fab guides. A must do!”


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