Hot Air Ballooning

Rise high in the sky and experience the view of the Slovenian pearl from a bird's eye view. An unforgettable panoramic balloon flight over Lake Bled is a unique way to experience an adrenaline aerial experience.

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 Before the flight, you will see the preparation of the balloon with the help of our experienced licenced guides and in 20 minutes you will be at high altitudes. As the speed and direction of the flight depend on the wind, you will find out the location of the take-off point one hour before your adventure.

Prepare your cameras, as you will fly at an altitude of 50 to 500 meters and see all the beauties that Bled and its surroundings have to offer. Bled with an island in the middle of the lake, Bled Castle and the flow of the Sava Dolinka River are a real feast for the eyes. In addition, you will enjoy morning views of the Karavanke, Kamniško Savinjske Alps and the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, including the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mount Triglav.

The balloon flight is suitable for everyone older than 12 years, couples, groups and families. In case of rain and strong wind, flight is not possible.

When: Excursions are carried out throughout the year.

From where: Bled or Lesce (depending on wind direction). Let us know and we can pick you up at your hostel / hotel.

Duration: 60 – 90 min.

Equipment: Hiking shoes, water, suncream, a hat and sunglasses.

Experience the first balloon baptism with us!


When can you experience Hot Air Balooning?

  • JAN
  • FEB
  • MAR
  • APR
  • MAY
  • JUN
  • JUL
  • AUG
  • SEP
  • OCT
  • NOV
  • DEC

Have you missed the train? Don’t worry, see some other activities which you can visit any other time of the year.


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