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“Awesome, awesome day!We fall in love in Slovenia and hope to come back!”

Pokler family

“This tour was absolutely fantastic! It was lovely to see the places which are hard to get to as an independent traveller. I didn’t stop uttering “wow” all morning.”


“Excellent ride, excellent guide definately recomend it to all our friends back in Jersey Channel Islands – don`t change a thing, it was perfect. Many thanks!”

Andy, Chris, Dave, Dan

“Canyoning was fantastic! We had loads of fun and it was an amazing way to see some of Slovenian nature. Afterwards we felt totaly invigorated & refreshed! Absolute hype!”

Ian & Babs

Funny, wet and wonderful experience! Thanks for the great ride in a beautiful nature.

Brown family

“Pure adrenalin rush! No other words to describe the…”


“Just a perfect day! Full of amazing scenery and adventures..Thank you guys, you have my recommendation!”


“Damn it was early but damn it was worth it! Just beautiful. Be sure to take camera with you.”Related: lehman brothers twins death, alistair begg obituary, what happened to kanan mom on power, charles webster leadbeater, concordia parish coroners office, abandoned school scotland, school beautification objectives, baltimore accent copypasta, how to get cursor back on lenovo laptop, data nugget coral bleaching and climate change answer key, invocation prayer for banquet, most corrupt cities in the country, executive functioning iep goals, donnell woods net worth, who is bonnie on dr phil show today,Related: high school marching band rankings 2021, top 50 richest cities in the world 2021, delaware county, ohio fatal crash, packing efficiency of cscl, crockpot ground beef tacos, joe dirt 2 filming locations, mypay aramark first time user, beyond beauty plastic surgery deaths, italian consulate los angeles citizenship, beck zemek nationality, what does unsupervised custody mean in virginia, calculate azimuth from northing and easting, what happened to clifford olson son, syracuse musical theatre acceptance rate, benefits of marrying a malaysian girl,Related: mormon swear words list, 100% va disability and ssdi forum, wausau daily herald obits most recent, generac pwrcell battery error code 7000, archangel chamuel chakra, when is the blackout going to happen 2022, quebec city to prince edward island, unexpected wedding readings, high risk work licence qld cost, maryland board of physicians disciplinary actions, are peter millar suits good, stress leave california 2022, deridder city council election results, how to do mystery boxes on poshmark, the perfect child ending explained,Related: was john dutton married to jamie’s mother, 4×400 relay exchange zone, intertek ac adapter 4006448, drew max pawn stars dead, who lives at 190 sea cliff ave san francisco, dreamnotfound smutshots ao3, curtis mayfield funeral, what does inmate classification ng6 mean, what happened to val on heartland, similarities between micro and macro sociology, autopsy david ruffin death cause, are lenny and karyn still together, dave ramsey human resources, curriculum associates, llc lesson 1 ratios answer key, is jane martin hamner still alive,Related: the cooler restaurant washington dc, parker theodore bagley, how much did danny fairbrass pay for gigantica, mr global tiktok real name, kortney wilson and jeff wells, warrior cats gathering call, national high school golf invitational 2022, can a lady bird deed be contested, wayne pivac first wife, hope falls roadside campsites, gifs animados para whatsapp, schoolhouse bbq murrells inlet, sc, tara elizabeth singh snow, climat de travail synonyme, recent deaths in albemarle, nc,Related: senior open qualifying 2022 entry form, actor in jim beam commercial eugene, manning funeral home obituaries, michael mcgreevey wife, thalasin emotions chart, jon pardi band members, patty montanari biography, wickwoods country club membership fees, matrixcare login pruitt, what happened to lee hacksaw hamilton, iris berben wirklich als mann geboren, urology royal glamorgan hospital, york county, sc fence ordinance, 1939 mercury dime error, qpr hospitality,Related: accident on stony island today, attack on school castes manga volume 1, city of st petersburg permit search, perc test pickens county sc, compare and contrast bacteriophages and animal viruses, conservative vector field calculator, tropical virgo sidereal leo, madonna dennis rodman, donate clothes to ukraine chicago, how to become a cult specialist, why did august brooks shaved head, st joseph hospital records department, smokin’ addiction bbq menu, east texas car shows this weekend, clank legacy waypoint 100,

Nathan family

Great views, great guide, great fun! Thanks


“It was my first time and definately not the last! The view, wind in your face, the rush.. Unforgettable!”


“It was a blast – mainly because I won:) !”Related: is alex scott related to lenny henry, product definition in biology, sample welcome letter to new doctor, religion inc traits combo, $20,000 grant illinois, male dragon and female snake compatibility, is pucci a joestar, mike mccomb formby net worth, how to get infinite water in skyblock hypixel, st clair county mi dispatch log, borg warner dg 250 automatic transmission pdf, apartamentos en alquiler hato rey, how to pass bearer token in webclient c#, cuero, tx mugshots, kevin gates concert tickets,Related: patton’s third army roster, henry county ga election candidates, mariah delpercio dad, does trader joe’s greek yogurt have probiotics, best two striker formation fm22, argyle country club membership cost, famous montana outlaws, liz claman political party, coinbase qr code for google authenticator, randolph county journal police reports, how long to cook a burger in the oven, can you crush valacyclovir clonidine, mugshots hermiston oregon, craigslist project cars for sale by owner, why is there a corona beer shortage 2021,Related: dog brokers near me, firman generator serial number location, carolyn bryant still alive 2022, john thibodeaux obituary, whipps cross hospital wards, preston county tax sale list, cohen sisters surfing, jacob gonzalez ole miss draft, oakhurst, ca recent arrests, noah wyle designated survivor, what does linear density in lung mean, peter pan return to neverland octopus hook, lionsgate stock a vs b, ceramic hob marked after first use, santa barbara news car accident,Related: h1b job description sample software engineer, old fashioned cabbage soup, mugshots california riverside county, virgin atlantic economy delight seat map, hilton central school district map, mossberg shotguns 12 gauge automatic, virus total system design, is redcon1 veteran owned, car crash montrose, matthew stafford win loss record, trinity memorial funeral home : muscle shoals, alabama obituaries, thornton funeral home hazlehurst, ga obituaries, famous breach of contract cases 2022, ppp loan frauds list ohio, potvin funeral home obituaries,Related: sec athletic director salaries 2021, branch connally death, ada defense lawyer los angeles, electroblob wizardry servers, the players championship 2022 volunteer, nba g league assistant coach salary, celebrate recovery lies, scottish vs irish facial features, copper penny test for anemia, what are aries attracted to physically, city of mandurah council, uw eau claire women’s basketball roster, ron chapman obituary kvil, downwithpatreon sims 4 2021, loreto school manchester,Related: input and output of management information system, abbvie rotational program salary, new homes in stonehill subd sherwood, ar, condor gunner plate carrier vs mopc, andrea joy yeager, i graduated but my boyfriend is still in college, what happened to lisa from serious skin care, bear on a scooter high score, carter funeral home union springs, alabama obituaries, band 8 nurse personal statement example, how to delete peloton profile picture, mary brandis, green frog bassinet recall, ford top tech rewards login, gary louris wife,Related: walter smith obituary, gadsden isd human resources, what channel is bet plus on xfinity, kentucky mugshots search, shows internacionais 2023, billy altidor released, sometimes a great notion filming locations, brian mccann high school, kendo grid angular get selected row index, albert james lewis cause of death, outerbridge crossing closed today, athena finger net worth, anita groowe before plastic surgery, kentfield hospital staff, nipt test inconclusive twice,


“Got married yesterday, went rafting today – still trying to figure out which I enjoyed most! 😉 Great fun and fab guides. A must do!”


“Fun, wet, freedom – wonderful experience. Thanks for the ride in beautiful country!”

Davidson family

“I will say right off the bat that zorbing is probably the most fun and funniest travel experience our family has ever shared.”

Devon family

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